Cut Flush Folders (pack 100)

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A4 Cut Flush Folders are made from recyclable polypropylene., Each semi transparent folder is open two sides and has a thumb cut to be able to easily access the filed document. Each one is copy safe with orange peel finish and are available in single colours, clear and assorted. Assorted packs have 20 red, green, blue, yellow and clear folders.

Product Code Type QuantityPacks per outer
N45440/100BA4 BluePack (100)5
N45440/100GA4 GreenPack (100)5
N45440/100RA4 RedPack (100)5
N45440/100YA4 YellowPack (100)5
N4544//100CLA4 ClearPack (100)5
N45440/100AA4 AssortedPack (100)5